Teacher fucks Japanese dancer Miu Kimura


With a student dressed this way and as hot as Miu Kimura, it’s hard for any male to resist such sensuality from this young woman. That’s why this teacher fucks her in a very tough way.

Japanese Miu Kimura wanted to take ballet lessons since she was a child, and when she turned 18 she decided to sign up because it is never too late to learn. That way the Japanese dancer was very happy with her classes, she liked her tulle skirt and her pink body which made her very hot.

But what was even happier was the ballet teacher, he liked giving her lessons because he saw the hot Miu Kimura moving that incredible body and he wanted to possess her and see her without clothes.

One day he asked her to stay after class to give him good dance tips. So he took the opportunity to seduce her, ripped her socks off and stuck his dick in her pussy while she moaned. At first, the Japanese girl didn’t think it was right for the boy to feel her up and rub her tits. But she ended up liking to be penetrated by the ballet teacher.

Teacher fucks Japanese dancer Miu Kimura
teacher fucks her in a very tough way

Japan ballerina Miu Kimura hardcore sex with professor

Date: February 10, 2020
Actors: Miu Kimura