Sami Parker having sex with a stranger


Surely you have been on vacation before and during your days off you have seen girls you would like to fuck madly. In the same way, there are also women who fantasize about having sex with a stranger. An example of this is today’s video. In it we have a very naughty and sexy Asian woman who fucks an employee of her hotel, something that makes her completely crazy.

Sami Parker decided to go to the pool early. The rest of the hotel guests are still asleep. However, with the first rays of sunshine is when the employee starts his day cleaning the pool from which he has to perform his duties. This way, something happened that morning.

Having sex with a stranger

The employee Jerry saw how excited Sami looked on the lounge chair. The naughty girl herself took off her bikini and left her tits and her hot Asian pussy totally exposed. Plus, it looks like the young lady is very excited, and this is an opportunity Jerry won’t pass up.

The guy approaches her and, after a brief conversation, decides to accompany her to her apartment. That’s where the real show begins. Because, as it turns out, Sami Parker is very interested in cock. Something she shows Jerry through a nice blowjob they haven’t forgotten.

After that, it’s all over. Young people like to practice the best wild sex possible. When it comes time for ejaculation, Sami has no problem getting all the sperm in her mouth.

having sex with a stranger
sami parker blowjob

Fly Asian hottie Sami Parker fucks Jerry’s Big Hard Dong

Date: January 21, 2020
Actors: sami parker