Playing with Chinese Alina Li


Playing with Chinese Alina Li. Our friend is a rugged construction worker. He has an incredible creativity to build and also to fuck the girls. This time it occurred to him that he could use one of the places he is working to pass himself off as a very rich man and gain the trust of a girl who is a shop assistant at a nearby bakery. Chinese Alina Li is this girl, although beautiful, seems a bit impressionable, so he rents an Aston Martin and a fancy dress and passes the bakery a few times. He flirts with her and asks her to go out with him several times. On the third date, he invites her to the apartment he’s reforming and ends up having sex with her while she’s being recorded. The girl imagined herself in a seduction movie while he thought about who the next sexual victim would be.

Playing with Chinese Alina Li
Playing with Chinese Alina Li
Date: August 22, 2020
Actors: alina li